Battle Havoc!

“Ahhh…. the sound of battle cry and screams the dying foeman… there is nothing better than a good fight…”
– Jorg Lagermeistersons

Battle Havoc! is easy to learn and play fantasy wargame where each player commands an army and lead it to victory on the battlefields. Thanks to alternative activation, all players are involved continuously in action.

Each unit represents up to a few hundred of men and the game doesn’t have any particular scale, as players can choose to play with either 28mm or 10mm miniatures.

Fight big battles with just a handful of miniatures!

Below you will find all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! wargame.

Muster your troop and prepare to crush your enemy!

Getting started in 10mm

Havökkia is the 10mm miniatures range for the Battle Havoc! game. Set in a brutal world of war and conquest, Havökkia tells the tale of the Old Gods and the first people of the world, the Prime.

This new box is packed with 148 miniatures, dice, a small gaming mat, rules, and bases. In other words, all you need to play the game is in this new BattleBox!!!

Getting started in 28mm

Battle Havoc! – BattleBox

BattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! – Fantasy Battles.

  • 12x Dwarf Warriors
  • 3x Dwarfs crossbows
  • 1x Dwarf Champion
  • 12x Barbaric Orc Warriors
  • 3x Barbaric Orc Archers
  • 1x Barbaric Orc Shaman
  • 1x Battle Havoc! rulebook
  • 1x Counters sheet
  • 12x d6 dice
  • 6x MDF 75×50 bases

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