Void 1.1

Colony Wars in a Galaxy on the edge of the oblivion

Void is an exciting fast-paced miniature tabletop battle system for 2 or more players. The game is set in a universe where the homeworlds of Viridia, Ironglass and Prime battle for colonies in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. VASA, the policing body of panhumanic space, tries to keep in check the ambitions of the imperialistic homeworlds. However with the emergence of the Koralon what remains to be seen is whether humanity can put aside its petty rivalry or whether mankind will become another victim of the aliens.

Choose your faction

Before you start playing Void you need to decide what army you want to collect. Here is some basic information that might help you to decide.


The Junkers are the inhabitants of the desert world of Ironglass. The black and red Convict legions of the Junkers rely on pure numbers to overwhelm their enemies rather than any specialised military hardware. Their equipment is bulky but functional and robust. Each legionary is fitted with a neural spike; a surgical implant that replaces the left eye, which allows the Enforcers to control these soldiers via pain modulators. The Junkers armies, like the rest of the homeworld forces, are divided into legions denoted by the numbers marked on their shields; these are further subdivided into cohorts.


The Prime AI orchestrates the mechanical dance of the Syntha on Prime. Their armies are characterised by Androsynths, true AI robots, and Prosthenes, cybernetically enhanced humans. These soldiers are equipped with high­powered plasma weapons and a vast array of highly sophisticated battlefield technology. These elite Syntha troops are supplemented by “Standards”, unmodified humans, armed similarly to the other homeworld troopers. Their armour tends to be white inlaid with silver and gold. The Syntha believe that they are the “natural” evolutionary step for human beings.


The Viridian Aeronautics and Space Agency are the guardians of the Gra­wells that link the colonies of panhumanic space together. They are based on the iceworld of Vacillus which orbits around the dead star Leviathan. V.A.S.A.’s forces are made up from troops seconded from the homeworlds’ forces from throughout the galaxy for set terms of service. However, they also have a standing force of guard units called the “Black Legion”. These are selected by the Agency from the very best soldiers that the homeworlds have to offer. These hardened veterans are feared and respected throughout the star systems of the galaxy.


The Viridian army is renowned for its lightning strikes and fast, efficient battlefield support. It is highly organised and extremely well equipped. Their battalions rely on a central core of marines, armed with Gauss rifles, augmented with Assault marines. They can be recognised by their grey­blue and green camouflage patterns. Shields, helmets and vehicles are often decorated with stylised animal head motifs. Tiger Class quadrupeds and Korvus fast attack bipeds feature heavily in their forces.


A new menace confronts the forces of humanity: the Koralon. These aliens are fast and deadly. They are armed with sharp, shimmering blades that cut the toughest power armour as if it were paper. Their spatial resonance weapons have wreaked havoc amongst the legions of the Tripartite Confederacy. Large tracks of the “Rim Colonies” on the edge of the galaxy have fallen at their onslaught. The Koralon have golden yellow bellies darkening to deep red across their backs and carapaces.

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