Pre-order your copy of the new Battle Havoc! rules.

Many of you asked about the possibility of ordering just the booklet with updated rules. So here it is! You can now pre-order just the rules.

The printed version for the updated version of Battle Havoc!. All you need to play the game in one place. And as a thank you for pre-ordering we have a wee gift for you. A FREE champion miniature to lead your army.

When ordering please chose one miniature from the list and write it down in the comment section of your order.

  • Orc Shaman
  • Hammerer Champion
  • Goblin Champion
  • K’dillian Shaman

A separate Counter Sheet with all counters and two, two-sided rules (in inches and cm) is also included.

We also extended the pre-order slightly. You have now time till Sunday 5th of September to pre-order BattleBox or rulebook. Some of you asked about it extending the pre-order phase a bit 🙂

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