Started in February 2016 – as Seb Games – Metal Warrior Miniatures Ltd is a small independent studio focusing on designing tabletop wargames as well as producing miniatures for our games.

During 2016 and 2017 we run first participation games of Battle Havoc! on all major Scottish wargames shows such as Claymore, Carroande, Targe. Thanks to the good reception, we decide to developed game further and make it available for free to download from Seb Games website.

In 2018 we assisted EOE Orbis and provided their Pirates of Treasure Island KS with a set Buccaneers & Scoundrels rulest. A fast skirmish wargame inspired by the Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

In 2019 we published the first edition of Battle Havoc!, an improved version of the game. We also started working with partners at Scotia Grendel and EOE Orbis to introduce first sets of miniatures to support the game.

In March 2020 Seb Games acquired a license to produce and develop VOID 1.1. As a huge fans of the game and lore, it’s a huge opportunity for us and our main project that we are currently working on.

In May 2020 we announced the launch of Metal Warrior Miniatures, our own brand miniatures to support our games. The first in the schedule for release are the 10mm fantasy miniatures but we have plans for other ranges as well.

During the summer of 2020, we published the first issue of the BattleMag!. Our in-house mini-magazine, to support the games we produce.

As well as creating our games, we also provide services and advice to other companies. From creating new titles, expanding existing, marketing to graphics design, we can provide sophisticated support to our partners and customers.

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