News 27/06/2023

Here is a quick update of all the news from the last two months 🙂

Battle for Havökkia – Starter set

Havökkia is the 10mm miniatures range for the Battle Havoc! game. Set in a brutal world of war and conquest, Havökkia tells the tale of the Old Gods and the first people of the world, the Prime. During a great schism in ancient times, the Prime were sundered into two very different parts: the decadent and devolved Saurisians, and the accursed, forsaken Rattifolk.

In Havökkia’s present, the world is ruled by the young races of Elves, Dwarves and Men, and the Rattifolk and Saurisians are long forgotten. But after a series of prophetic awakenings, the Old Gods return, and with them, their children once more march forth. The Saurisians seek to enslave and sacrifice all in their path for the glory of the Old Ones, and the Rattifolk are on a crusade to destroy all life, to spite the Gods that cursed them.

BattleBox – Content

BattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! – Fantasy Battles

  • 48x Helot Warriors and Pack Master
  • 24x Rattifolk Monks with two-handed weapons
  • 1x Rattifolk General
  • 1x Rattifolk Wizard
  • 48x Regular warriors armed with spears and shields
  • 24x Lesser Saurisians armed with bows
  • 1x Saurisian Mounted Mage
  • 1x Saurisian Hero
  • 1x Battle Havoc! rulebook
  • 1x Havökkia Chronicles booklet
  • 1x Counters sheet
  • 1x Terrain sheet
  • 1x BattleMat
  • 12x d6 dice
  • 6x MDF 50x40mm bases

For those who would also take part in our pre-order, we also have a special gift! A FREE miniature of Ratdalf the Grey wizard. A wee Ratti wizard.

VOID – Assault on Juzo Precinct – update

We are currently working on delivering the pre-orders to all those who kindly participated in our pre-orders. We are a bit behind schedule due to the problems with the late delivery of the booklet, but please know that we are working hard to get them to you as soon as possible.

On this occasion, I would like to thank again all of you who are supporting us in bringing VOID back to its deserved place 🙂

A quick shot from our caster workbench. A solid batch of Syntha is on it’s way to the packing bench.

Heroes of Havökkia

A new hero had joined our offer.
Kurut – a wee green bugger who spent too much time with Hoboblins and thinks he is now one of them…

Kurut and other heroes are available now from our webshop. Click the button below to see more details.

Oisín the Vanquisher – Preview

And here is a preview of another special character for Battle Havoc! – Oisín the Vanquisher

Exo Allaince ’42 – Update

And now last but not least. A quick round-up of the latest development on the Exo Alliance ’42 front.

Another batch of master castings just landed on my desk. Expect more pictures coming soon!

Miniatures preview

Skarn Sergeant

Vatari URSUS Knight test model

As you can see, we are busy working on the Exo Alliance ’42s first models, as we are preparing the first wee starter set for Exo, so stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook page.

And if you are fancy to getting more involved, why don’t you join our dedicated FB group – Exo Alliance ’42 – Official Players’ Group

Download rules for FREE

Just a quick reminder that the beta version of the Exo Allaicne ’42 is available to download from our website. It’s available for free, so why don’t you give it a go and let us know what you think?

Please note that this is the beta version of the rules, and we would appreciate as much feedback as you can share with us.

It looks like it will be a jam-packed summer for us again. We are really getting back on track and have a lot of new minis and cool rules coming. And there are some rumours about this thing called BattleMag #3… 😎

That’s all for now!

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  1. consider putting all the models on the starter set picture, I thought it only came with a dozen!

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