Hi folks! – Update – February 2023

Happy new year! It is the first newsletter in 2023 and the first proper update of what is happening here at Seb Games. It has been a long time, but we have some great news! 

Last year was full of surprises, but overall, it was a very successful year for us. 

After months of hard work and delays caused by outside factors, we are finally getting back on track. And we are looking forwards to this year and to new opportunities that have arisen for us! 

Royal Mail – current status

Before we move on to the cool stuff, some organization bit.

For the last few months, Royal Mail has had a rather bad time (well, that’s a very mild way to say it). The strikes and “cyber incident” at the RM considerably impacted our operations, causing delays and, sadly, missing orders. We are generally up to date with all orders but are still working on some MIA parcels. So if you have yet to receive your order or replacements, be sure we remember about it, but feel free to get in touch if you are worried.

According to the Royal Mial official statement, there are still some delays and disturbances to their International Services, causing “minor delays” with delivery times. So please take this into account when you are putting in an order.

Exo Alliance ‘42

Alessio Cisbani (aka Wolfbaneart) was very busy working on the new Skarn models, and you can see the first effects of his work.

And here are more goodies – concept arts for the Axis Grenadiers by the very talented Sławomir Lasocki, our lead artist. Visit Sławomir’s Instagram account to see more of his work.

We are currently finalising the beta version of the rules, and we plan to make them available to the public in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our website, newsletter and Facebook page to not miss the opportunity to get your hands on the Exo Alliance ‘42 rules.

Coming in 2023, Exo Alliance ‘42 is a platoon level tabletop wargame and miniatures range for 28mm scale. The rules allow you to add alien troops and vehicles to the historical units of World War II, and fight fast paced battles with these unique forces.

VOID – Assault on Juzo Precinct

Agents of the Midnight Ravens Legion have captured a high ranking Syntha spy, an Omega Biomech. The spy is detained at a secret holding facility in an abandoned VASA precinct. Unbeknownst to his captors, the Biomech sends out an encrypted distress signal which is answered by a full, mechanised company of Assault Androsynths and Teratosynths.

Can the VASA defenders hold out against the horde until a relief fleet arrives?
Will the Syntha Biomech break free of captivity and escape?
It’s up to you to decide.
The last few months were full of turmoil and uncertainty, but we can now confirm that Metal Warrior Miniatures Ltd (aka Seb Games) have secured the license and will continue selling and developing the VOID wargame. HUZZAH!!!

After the success of our VOID Squad Tactics set, we were asked many times about doing a bit bigger boxed set for those who would like to jump staring into the full-scale VOID. So we present you VOID Assault on Juzo Precinct, a new two-player starter set for VOID. We again teamed up with Mark Brendan, who kindly wrote a unique scenario for this set as well as a backstory for it.

VOID Assault on Juzo Precinct will be available in pre-order in early March 2023, so keep an eye out as we will pre-view more of its content in the upcoming weeks.

Warheads: Medieval Tales

Warheads: Medieval Tales is a fast and fun two player tabletop game for players of all ages and abilities. Each lavishly illustrated magazine tells the story of Hugo of Deangard and his bitter rival Gui le Batard, as they gather followers to fight each other and go on amazing quests.
With great pleasure, we can now announce that we have teamed up with Jon from Warmog Painting (the range owner) and will work together to reinvigorate the Warheads: Medieval Tales brand.

Metal Warrior Miniatures Ltd will take care of the production and distribution of Warheads: Medieval Tales allowing Jon to focus on further developing the range.

We have already started adding the Warheads products to our webshop, and we should finish it in the upcoming days, but if you can’t find the miniatures you are after, drop us a line, and we will sort it for you!

Battle Havoc! 10mm BattleBox – update

The Royal Mail’s delays had the most significant impact on the new Battle Havoc – Battlebox. We also needed to reschedule some of the production due to changes at our manufacturing partner. But be assured that this project is not on hold, and we aim to start taking pre-orders at the end of February/early March 2023.

As you can see, our schedule is packed with new stuff, and it is going to be a fascinating year, and this is just the begging of it!

That’s all for now!


  1. HUZZAH indeed. I’m so stoked that you’ve secured the Void rights. I think it’s the best mini game available. And it’s available again.

  2. hey Seb,
    have you thought about having an Instagram or a more involved social media presence? I’d love to post my void projects on hobby Monday but I don’t like to use facebook!

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