Battle Mag!

BattleMag! – a mini-magazine which aims is simply to support games we produce here at Seb Games. The goal is to deliver you this mini-magazine every two months. In each issue, you can expect new rules, unit profiles, scenarios and everything else that will help you enjoy our games.

BattleMag! – Issue 1

In the first issue of the BattleMag! you will find rules to play Void 1.1 Squad Tactics. A new format that focuses on small skirmishes, where players take the role of the commander of a squad, and lead it on the infiltration missions, long-range recons or simply try to survive on the vast battlefields of the Draconis Alba Galaxy. A great way to start your adventure with VOID 1.1!

BattleMag! – Issue 2

In this issue of the BattleMag! you will find rules for magic in Battle Havoc!, accompanied by a list of common spells. Our great friend Jon Shields shared handy advice about removing paint from the old miniatures. And for VOID 1.1 players, we have a list for Tactical Araktons to use in VOID 1.1 Squad Tactics games.

BattleMag! – Issue 3

BattleMag! is back! Now, it is in a new, bigger format and is also available as a printed copy.

In this issue, you will find:

  • VOID 2.0 Squad Tactics – Jungle Strike rules
  • Stats for using VOID 2.0 – Jungle Strike minis in games of Urban War
  • G.B. Mora rules and background
  • Interview with game designer and writer Mark Brendan
  • Urban War – Viridian Special Forces list
  • Exo Alliance 42 – rules update
  • Preview of a new mass-battle game we are working on!

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