Exo Alliance ’42

Will the Vatari, with their advanced Vril technology, change the course of history, or will the numerically superior Skarn help save the day? The future of the world depends on you!

UPDATE – 04/05/2023 – NEW VERSION

With great pleasure, we can now share the BETA version of Exo Alliance ’42 rules with you. We hope you will enjoy the game.

Please note that this is the beta version of the rules, and we would appreciate as much feedback as you can share with us.

Why BETA, do you ask? We want those rules to be as tight as possible, as fun as possible and most importantly, to be developed with conjunctions community. And we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to build such a community.

Exo Alliance ‘42 – Starter set

With great pleasure, we can now announce that we are ready to start taking pre-orders for the Exo Alliance ’42 starter set.

This introductory box is all you need to start your adventure with the Exo Alliance ’42 wargame!

Box content:


  • 1x Skarn  Officer
  • 2x Skarn Squad Leaders
  • 6x Skarn Troopers
  • 2x Skarn LMG


  • 1x Vatari Officer
  • 2x URSUS Squad Leaders
  • 4x URSUS Knights
  • 2x URSUS Specialist with Vril Cannon


  • 3x Light Damage dice
  • 3x Heavy Damage dice
  • Tokens sheet

For those who would also take part in our pre-order, we also have a special gift! A FREE miniature of Poster Boy! The propaganda company loves him!

Exo Alliance ’42 – Miniatures WIPs

And as you can imagine, our head sculptor Alessio (Wolfbaneart) is busy doing more work on the Skarns models. Here are some latest WIPs from his desk:

That’s all for now!


  1. cover shields exo 42
    What benefits do they give? do they remove dice ? do they block hits? this game will save my dust 47

    • There is a bit that we missed when the rules where layout 🙂
      Here is the missing bit:

      Hits add suppression to models, which is indicated by a marker.

          •Place a Pinned marker next to a model for the first hit it takes
          •For the second hit change the marker to retreating/ul>
          •If the model takes a third hit, it is removed from play as a casualty/ul>

              ○Leave vehicle casualties where they are on the playing area, so they can serve as cover for infantry. You may wish to place a marker on them to indicate they are wrecked and no longer in play

      Suppression can be removed from models by taking Recovery or Rally actions.

      Armour & Cover
      Some models have armour, represented by shields on their profile, and infantry can also gain effective armour by using cover.

          Each [Blue Shield] a model has reduces the number of hits it takes by 1 when it’s attacked
          Each [Red Shield] a model has reduces the number of Heavy Dice hits it takes by 1 when it’s attacked and negates all Light Dice hits.
  2. Hello –
    The effects of being Pinned or Retreating are not defined anywhere, if I am not mistaken. Another bit that was missed in the rules.
    Similarly, the difference between Recovery and Rally actions is not clear. Rally is for Leaders, while Recovery is for individual models. But how many units can be Rallied in one action? Do they have to be within a certain distance from the Leader? Is the action (Recovery or Rally an automatic success, as it seems to be)?
    Thank you for your help.

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