Miniature Paints

Miniature Paints set

“Miniature Paints” is a line of superb quality non-toxic acrylic paints for use with any type of miniatures. With the range of more than 70 colours, inks and metallics to choose from, you will find all you need to paint your miniatures.

Paints are supplied in 30ml plastic pots with a screw cap. Colours can be thinned with water.

Below you will find a list of useful tutorials on how to quickly and effectively paint your miniatures using Miniature Paints.

Core colours



Hobby articles

Welcome to another painting tutorial. Today we continue with 10mm miniatures, but this time we will paint Late Roman Heavy
It is quite often assumed that the smaller scales like 10mm or 6mm for some strange reason, are harder to
Experimentation with new paints is one on of the best way to learn new things. So when I saw the

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