Battle for Havökkia – Starter Set (10mm version)


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Havökkia is the 10mm miniatures range for the Battle Havoc! game. Set in a brutal world of war and conquest, Havökkia tells the tale of the Old Gods and the first people of the world, the Prime. During a great schism in ancient times, the Prime were sundered into two very different parts: the decadent and devolved Saurisians, and the accursed, forsaken Rattifolk.

In Havökkia’s present, the world is ruled by the young races of Elves, Dwarves and Men, and the Rattifolk and Saurisians are long forgotten. But after a series of prophetic awakenings, the Old Gods return, and with them, their children once more march forth. The Saurisians seek to enslave and sacrifice all in their path for the glory of the Old Ones, and the Rattifolk are on a crusade to destroy all life, to spite the Gods that cursed them.

BattleBox – Content

BattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! – Fantasy Battles

  • 48x Helot Warriors and Pack Master
  • 24x Rattifolk Monks with two-handed weapons
  • 1x Rattifolk General
  • 1x Rattifolk Wizard
  • 48x Regular warriors armed with spears and shields
  • 24x Lesser Saurisians armed with bows
  • 1x Saurisian Mounted Mage
  • 1x Saurisian Hero
  • 1x Battle Havoc! rulebook
  • 1x Havökkia Chronicles booklet
  • 1x Counters sheet
  • 1x Terrain sheet
  • 1x BattleMat
  • 12x d6 dice
  • 6x MDF 50x40mm bases

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