The Koralon have what appears to be a rigidly stratified society based on their mastery of coraline biotechnology. In this respect, they share many similarities with the Syntha, but to compare even the technocrats of Prime with the aliens is probably one step beyond. Their society is much more hierarchical than any comparable human form of government, and there are certain comparisons that could be made with social insects or perhaps more appropriately marine organisms like corals and polyps that form collective colonies. It would be a mistake though to assume that they exhibit hive behaviour, or that Koralon aren’t possessed of individuality­ it’s just that some Koralon seem to be more individual than others. This behaviour is carried on to the battlefield, where Koralon responds to the commands of their leaders with the sort of unquestioning efficiency that human military commanders can only dream about.

Koralon excel at close combat, and despite their awkward looking frames, they can move faster than any human on foot. The concept of ranged combat, which comes so naturally to humans, would appear to be a new one to the Koralon. Perhaps this is because projectile weapons would be of limited use on their marine homeworld, resulting in a technological gap in this respect. However, they have embraced the idea since their first encounters with humans. Koralon themselves continue to exhibit little or no skill with ranged weapons, but the hideous hybrids they create from human prisoners of war carry coraline analogues of human firearms, in addition to the more usual close combat coraline growths.

They do use weird and highly advanced gravitic technologies on the battlefield though, which can be channelled through neutronium­coraline weapons to generate lethal short­range gravity ripples. The undoubted masters of such techniques are the creatures known as Phazon, who can not only use their specially modified staffs to kill, but also to defend against incoming fire and to create localised spatial rifts that allow troops to quite literally teleport.

As for what makes a famous Koralon, who can say? So humans judge them by their own criteria. There is one particularly infamous Koralon that has celebrity status because it was once a human military hero, and since capture has metamorphosed into a hideous Arakton hybrid.

Although it is known that rival Koralon colonies occasionally fight amongst one another, this seems to be a lot less prevalent than human on human aggression. For the most part, they seem determined and united in their campaign to drive humanity to extinction.

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