Viridian society is the apotheosis of capitalism, where a person’s political influence is measured in how many shares they hold in the State. Trading power is the bedrock of Viridia and its colonies, and they are prepared to go to any lengths to protect their interests in this respect. Having to contend with the downright piracy of the Junkers and the technological superiority of the Syntha, the Viridian Assembly back up their political and media manipulation of VASA with a formidable military machine.

Long range surgical warfare is the key feature of Viridian combat and the emphasis is on destroying industrial resources to disrupt the military industrial complex of an enemy power, rather than causing human casualties­ at least that’s their story and the media sticks by it. Military service is for the most part voluntary and indeed a desirable career choice, though there are numbers of convict legions in use. Viridians who sign up for military service get big tax breaks and receive very generous share options that are well above the civilian equivalents for similar jobs, thus increasing their voting power and earnings way beyond their social class. The Viridians boast the largest star fleet of the Tripartite powers, but their land army is certainly not to be underestimated.

The bulk of Viridian infantry is its Marine units. These serve as the standard all over the galaxy with every army having their own equivalent of the all round soldier. The deployment and use of Marine units have stayed more or less unchanged since pre­space travel times, and although the technology changes, their role remains the same. Namely to efficiently engage enemy forces in any given scenario. Of course, there are specialist and elite units arising from this general­purpose approach, such as the veteran Assault and Shock Marines, that are used for long range and close assault missions respectively. There are also the nimble Scouts, able to quickly get to where extra firepower is needed on the battlefield or to intercept flankers. On the whole Viridian Forces have good all-round abilities, with a bias in favour of defensive tactics. Viridians love their war heroes and several have achieved celebrity status including violent, gung­-ho Shock Trooper Major Trask, and alien hating Scout Captain Helghast.

Viridians have a few concerns on the rim, which have brought them into conflict with the Koralon, but on the whole they tend to cover up most of their military activity except where media attention suits their political agenda. They run hundreds of covert operations on independent colonies, and it’s a fair bet that where civil war rages in the colonies of other powers Viridia will be in the thick of it, supporting rebels and guerrillas with arms and troops.

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