The Syntha are secretive and isolationist and their society is founded on a collectivist work ethic, in which the liberty and imagination of the individual play second fiddle to the needs of the body politic. Everyone is born equal in Syntha society, and people gravitate naturally to areas in which they excel, rather than being forced into ill-suited professions as a result of social or familial pressures. This may sound utopian and is as close as humans have ever come to building a pure meritocracy, but it is ultimately soulless since there is no sense of overcoming the odds in Syntha society. Their agenda is to improve humans and to achieve these aims they are prepared to bypass the moral maze surrounding subjects like biotech and cybertech enhancement and artificial intelligence.

The military applications are obvious, and the one thing that Syntha citizens have to strive for is cybernetic enhancement­ the ultimate status symbol in a society otherwise devoid of competition. One of the easiest routes to becoming a prosthene is military service since experienced soldiers are worth augmenting to make them even more efficient. Combat vehicles are a classic example of this, with Syntha grav bike pilots hard-wired into the controls of their weapon and drive systems. The Syntha also deploy military androsynths in battle. Although these troops present certain strategic limitations since their SPOMMs are nowhere near as spatially efficient or intuitive as human brains, the androsynths themselves are superhumanly strong and fast. The other advantage of them is that no one grieves when an androsynth soldier is destroyed­ well, no one except certain civil liberties pressure groups calling for AIs to be given the same rights as humans. The Syntha do not have any particular area of warfare that they excel in above others, but technologically they are streets ahead of everyone else, making the quality of their troops markedly better. Syntha society is a difficult place to shine, but you can be sure that those who do are really special, and two such brilliant ones are the gifted programmer Doctor Omega and the unique, designer biomechanoid Xiao 3.14 Pi.

The Syntha tend to keep themselves to themselves, though they do act where they feel their interests to be threatened. Junkers and Viridians alike are envious of their technology and fear that Syntha monopolising this area could tip the balance of power in Prime’s favour, so they do what they can to destabilise them. In many places the Syntha are fighting a rearguard action against the covert aggression of their neighbours, so they strike back with their own subterfuge and sabotage. Of course, they are no less a target than anyone else for the Koralon, and so do their share in the war against the aliens.

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