Heroes of Triad


The Kabuki Doll known as Lotus is admired and feared in equal measure. Like all her kind she is an expert rhetorician, musician and dancer, and is also a skilled diplomat. However it is her martial skills that draw the most attention, as she is both a very capable leader and extremely proficient with her chosen weapons. On the battlefield she occasionally operates independently, though it’s more common to see her leading a squad of her sisters.


Dragonflies are swift and ruthless killers, and the one called Miyumi is no exception. By some quirk of fate, her name means ‘True Bow’ or ‘Accurate Strike’, and true to this she is expert in the use of all manner of ranged weapons, in particular the razor sharp shuriken. She is an accomplished war leader and often commands her own unit of Dragonflies.

Hiro Takahashi

Though still youthful, Hiro Takahashi has earned an enviable reputation. Not only is he an accomplished poet and artist, but he is also a cunning and charismatic war leader. A veteran of many combats, and wise beyond his years, he is a trusted advisor to Great Lord Nakamura Daiki of the Golden Dragon Clan. In battle he wields his Ancestral Katana, an ancient blade that has been handed down from father to son for generations, and as a backup he carries an autopistol.

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