Exo Alliance ’42

December 1941, UFOs join the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour bringing the USA into WWII. The Axis powers have a new member, aliens called Vatari, fleeing a dying world, and hailed by the Third Reich as the true master race. The newcomers threaten to turn the tide of the war, but shortly thereafter, the fall of the Allies is averted by the arrival of a second alien species, the Skarn, mortal enemies of the Vatari, who are also fleeing the same dying planet.

The stage is set. Will the Vatari, with their advanced Vril technology, change the course of history, or will the numerically superior Skarn help save the day?

Coming in 2023, Exo Alliance ‘42 is a platoon level tabletop wargame and miniatures range for 28mm scale. The rules allow you to add alien troops and vehicles to the historical units of World War II, and fight fast paced battles with these unique forces.

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