Time for some proper updates.

As you can imagine, the late development of VOID (see the statement on regarding VOID’s future) caused a fair bit of disturbance in our operations. But to it’s just a flesh wound. Sadly it did cause some delays, for which I sincerely apologise.

Herklan’s Foresters – pre-order

We are just waiting for some final information from our caster. I hope to have all pre-orders ready to be dispatched to you as soon as possible.

Battle Havoc! – Havökkia 10mm BattleBox

Yep, Havökkia 10mm BattleBox is a new name for it. We are now in the final stage of preparing to launch the pre-order for the boxed set.

New secret project

They come from space! And they did not come in peace!

Well, it will not be too secret for a long time, but there is some serious development in the background here. It’s a new game, so we are very, very excited about it! Expect more details in the upcoming newsletter.

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