Metal Warrior Miniatures

I have some very very exciting news!

As we grow, our range of products grows with us. I’m happy to announce that Seb Games is just launching a new brand of miniatures – Metal Warrior Miniatures. Our primary focus will be to produce miniatures to support our games, but we don’t rule out miniatures that will cover other subjects.

But do we have something ready to show you ask? Well, it will be a bit dull to make such an announcement and say that you will need to wait for a while till we show you something, right?

So yes, we do have something already to show 😀

Void 1.1

If you follow us on Void Facebook Page, you probably saw this, but I think it is good to show it again here. Knights of Spirit are powerful psychics, able to plant telepathic suggestions, predict the future and even manipulate matter with their minds. Many fear the Spirit Knights and those who have stood against them in battle recount experiencing terrible visions and past nightmares when in close proximity to them.

The new VASA Spirit Knight sculpted by John Robertson

Click image to enlarge

Battle Havoc! in 10mm!

The idea of doing a line 10mm miniature for Battle Havoc! was there for a long time. Almost from the beginning. And we already started working on it in the background, but recently Seb Games acquired a never released range of this 10mm goodies so, looks like Battle Havoc! in 10mm will be here quicker than we expected.

I’m relay excited about this, as this will be a massive thing for Battle Havoc! There are more miniatures, in the line, so follow us on Facebook and here as more picture will be posted as soon as we get the first batch of master castings!




And now the hard bit. The good news is that we are already working on moulds for the first sets of 10mm miniatures. The bad is that, unfortunately, due to the CVOID-19 situation, it can be challenging to give you a solid date. However, we aim to deliver first packs this summer, maybe a bit earlier if things will go very well.


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