Void 1.1 – has a new home!

I’m super excited to announce that Seb Games acquired the licence to produce, distribute and develop Void 1.1 😀

It is a significant change for Void, and together with our friends at Scotia Grendel, we are very enthusiastic about the cooperation and we are looking forward to the upcoming future of Void.

Our plan for this year is to transfer all miniatures to Seb Games. We are already in the process of doing that, but it is a big range. This also allows us to review all moulds and replace them if there is such a need. The first batch of miniatures is already available from our webshop.

Our second objective is to release an updated version of the game. To do this, we will need the full support of the community! We strongly believe that together with your help, we can restore VOID to its former glory!

Please feel free to ask any questions you have! You can reach us at info@seb-games.com or use the FB page.

Follow us on Seb Games and Void 1.1 Facebook pages to be up to date of what is coming next!


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