TAV’s (Tracked Assault Vehicles) are light, rapid response vehicles used across the galaxy for urban pacification by VASA’s security forces. There are three common variants, and the chassis is designed to allow easy refitting within a matter of hours, providing maximum flexibility should a VASA force be cut off from support. The simplest is a troop carrier with no turret-mounted weapon. The other two have respectively a chain gun and an MLRS system mounted in turrets, with targeting systems and ammunition occupying the passenger space.


4 4 6 6 3 5 5 8
Structure: Individual
Vehicle Type Equipment No. per Unit Cost
TAV APC Mounted Chain Gun N/A 82
TAV ‘Pacifier’ 2x Mounted Chain Guns N/A 105
TAV ‘Decimator’ Mounted Chain Gun and MLRS N/A 148


Mounted Chain Gun

CC Short Med Long Ext
Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit
+1(x3) 6 +1(x2) 5 0 5 -1 -5



CC Short Med Long Ext
Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit
-1 7 -2 7 -3 7

Mounted, indirect fire, ranged template weapon
Special Rules
Uses the large, circular template


The TAV may make 1 turn for every 3 inches moved. In close assault the TAV can attempt to run enemies over. This counts as a melee weapon attack; to hit 0, dam ST +0.
Enemies attacking the TAV in close assault get +2 to hit.
Weapon fire arcs: Mounted Chain gun- front. Turret Mounted Chain gun- all. Turret Mounted MLRS- all. TAV Mk IIIs cannot evade.

Tactical Awareness: Models with Tactical Awareness are better than others at assessing nearby threats, so if faced with a choice of possible targets, they’re more likely to choose the right one to shoot at. If such a model makes a command check to try to override its default target priority, it gains a +2 bonus to the d10 roll. This applies whether the model is making the check for itself, or on behalf of its entire unit.

Heavy Armour (3): Models with this special rule gain a d10 ‘heavy armour save’ that can negate damage they have suffered.
The number is a positive modifier to the d10 heavy armour saving roll. The following rule applies.
● Heavy Armour Save: If a model with heavy armour receives wounds, roll 1d10 per wound, adding the indicated modifier. On a score of 10+ the wound is ignored and the model suffers no harm.

Lethal Strike (x2): The number shows how many extra damage dice you should roll in addition to the normal number for the weapon the model is using. For example if a model has Lethal Strike (x1) and attacks with a Combat Blade (dam ST+0), it would roll 2 damage dice for each hit scored in close combat.

TAV APC’s are troop carriers, and the following rules apply:

  • APC’s may carry up to 8 passengers of size 1 or 2.
  • APC’s can be deployed at the start of the game with units inside them. Mark the presence of such units on the TAVs record sheet.
  • A TAV must transport either all or none of a unit. It cannot transport partial units.
  • Enemy models may not enter the TAV.

Once aboard the APC passengers are effectively part of the vehicle, and can be affected by results on its damage table. The following rules apply to embarking and disembarking:

  • During the movement phase of their turn, friendly models that can reach base-to-base contact with the TAV may board it.
  • During the APC’s turn passengers can disembark at the beginning or end of any part of the TAV’s order sequence except assault. They should be placed in the rear or flank arcs of the APC and within 4 inches of it. Disembarking passengers may do nothing else during the current game turn and count as being on hold.

Damage Table

Dice Roll (1d10) Result:
1-5 – No Additional Damage.

6 – Weapon Damaged: One of the vehicle’s weapons is hit. If it is an APC then it is automatically the chain gun, otherwise roll a d10. 1-5 means the turret weapon is hit, 6-10 the chain gun. Each time you wish to fire the weapon, roll a D10. On a 1-5 it cannot fire this turn. On a 6-10 it can fire as normal. A second hit on a weapon destroys it.

7 – Track Damaged: The shot has damaged the
TAV’s tracks. Each time you wish to turn the TAV roll a D10. On a 1-5 it cannot turn. On a 6-10 It can move as normal. A second hit on this location immobilises the TAV.

8 – Engine Damaged: Each time you wish to move the TAV roll a d10. On a 1-5 the engine stalls and it cannot move this turn. On a 6-10 it can move as normal. A second hit to this location destroys the TAV.

9 – Passenger Killed: a random passenger is killed,
remove the model from the squad. If there are
no passengers count this result as an 8.

10 – Crew member killed: A first hit in this location results in the vehicle being unable to move and fire during the same turn, the second effectively
destroys it. Remove the model from play. Any passengers should be disembarked before removing the model.

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