Koralon Support Booster #2

This booster adds to your basic 170 Series Starter Team set. It provides you with a range of troops that will enhance your strike-teams close assault capabilities. Having a more varied reserve of troops to select from will widen your tactical options and keep your opponents guessing. Alternatively you can just add these troops to your existing team and start building a 300+ point force for fighting larger battles.


A nightmare tangle of crab-like claws and scything limbs, the Reaper is a dangerous opponent in close combat. Reapers are the most primitive of hybrids, and are apparently the result of simple coraline infection. Though many do not survive the transformation, the populations of entire colonies, even worlds, have been twisted into such hideous forms. Vicious, almost mindless, hordes of Reapers often form the vanguard of a Koralon force, scuttling madly forward to swarm enemy positions. Once human, they are now little more than disposable threshing machines.


Stingers, like all hybrids, seem to be the result of coraline infection of a host body, probably by spores released from the Koralon seeder ships. Gruesomely elongated tracheas project from their misshapen mouths, spitting forth needle-like splinters of hard resinous material. Reports from conflict zones suggest that their numbers are increasing, leading to conjecture that they may be a Koralon response to superior human firepower.


With leathery bat like wings and warped and twisted bodies, Harpikon hybrids are distorted out of almost any resemblance to man. Incapable of true flight, they can make short swooping glides, and on the ground move with an awkward hopping gait. These creatures are less erratic than Reapers or Stingers, and appear to have at least rudimentary intelligence. They usually attack by clawing with steel hard talons, though there are reported instances of creatures able to spit corrosive venom to startling distances.

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