G.B. Mora

G.B.’s role is to work in the field with military forces, sometimes VASA, sometimes the other powers, wherever the Protectorate’s ends are best served.

G.B. Mora

Cost: 59pts

4 5 4 4 2 8 2 4

G.B. Mora can join any other non-Koralon faction.

You may add a G.B. Mora to any of the following units, using the same buying criteria as Sergeants: Standard Marines, Militia, Suppressors, Convict Legionaries or Prosthene Marines.



CC Short Med Long Ext
Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit Dam Hit
0(x2) 4 0(x2) 4

Special Rules

Immune to Panic – Models with this special rule are either exceptionally well disciplined or are simply incapable of losing their cool. They never panic, and therefore don’t need to make any morale checks that would result in panic if failed

Terrifying – Some models are so fearsome or vile that enemy troops quail before them. The range of this effect is a radius equal to the model’s SZ stat in inches. Enemy units within this area must make a morale check. Troops which are terrifying are automatically assumed to be Fearless as well.

Multiple Shot (x2) – Models with this special rule can shoot more than once during the shooting phase. So for instance a model that has Multiple Shots (x2) listed in the special rules section of its profile will shoot twice. Multiple Shots can be used to fire on more than one target. This ability can only be used with 1-handed missile weapons, such as blasters or autopistols

Find Weakness (2) – Models with this skill can find chinks in heavy armour systems, either because of their experience, awareness or intuition. The weapons of models with this skill gain an armour-piercing ability equal to the user’s Find Weakness level. This is in addition to any armour piercing ability it may already have.

Tactical Awareness – Models with this special rule can attempt to ignore their normal target priorities. Before the unit shoots make a CD check for the model. The results of the check vary depending on whether the checking model is a squad leader (a sergeant for example) or individual, or a support model within a squad. Note that if a squad contains both a squad leader and one or more individuals you can make a separate check for each model individually if you wish. The following rules apply.

  • If the check is passed the entire unit may ignore normal target priorities and may shoot at any enemy unit of the owning players’ choice. As with normal shooting all members of the unit must still fire at the same target unit. If the check is failed, then the unit hesitates and is momentarily confused. It cannot carry out its shoot orders this turn.
  • Support (S): If the CD check is passed the support model may ignore normal target priorities and can instead shoot at any unit of its choice, firing at a different target unit than its fellow squad members if the owning player so wishes. If the check is failed, then the support model hesitates and is momentarily confused. It cannot carry out its shoot orders this turn.

Meta Power of Spirit (2) – Some individuals possess what seem to be para#normal powers, making them capable of incredible feats of physical or mental prowess. The following rules apply to choosing Meta Powers:

Models may choose a number of meta powers equal to the number listed by their meta powers skill

Models must choose all of their powers from one discipline only. The models profile will indicate which discipline the model chooses from

For using meta powers the following rules apply:

  • A model may only use one meta power per turn
  • To use a meta power make a CD test. If it’s successful apply the effect listed for the power, if it fails the model cannot do anything else in that phase
  • The meta power profile will tell the user when it can be used. Using the power effectively replaces any other action that the model could take during that part of the order sequence, whether or not it is successfully used.
  • Any Meta Powers that have ongoing effects requiring the placement of markers run out at the end of the game turn. Markers are removed as usual during the marker phase of the following turn.

See the Meta Powers list (VASA Frocebook p.39) for details of disciplines and individual powers

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