Tiger APC is back in stock and other news!

Tiger class battle walkers are heavy quadruped vehicles. The Tiger APC is a lumbering, heavily armoured troop carrier. It is capable of carrying up to eight soldiers in relative safety within in its well­protected passenger compartment and deploying them where they’re needed on the battlefield. It’s controlled from the head by a pilot, just behind whom sits a gunner operating the Colossus RMD­, a very, very big rotary barrelled rail gun. Although formidable in any scenario, the Tiger isn’t very manoeuvrable and can be vulnerable if attacked to the rear or flanks with close assault anti­armour weapons.

One of the most iconic models from the early days of VOID, Tiger APC. Sculpted by very talented Petter Flannery, Tiger became quintessential in defining the VOID world and ascetics. Altho 20 years have passed since its original release, the model still attracts attention.

With great pleasure, we bring this model back into production.

We know many of you would like us to further develop the Tiger APC model by adding extra conversion kits.
We consider it, so why don’t you drop a line if you have any suggestions!

VOID – Squad Tactics – preview

VOID – Squad Tactics is a perfect starting point for your adventure with the VOID wargame. This box will allow you to play the game with just a handful of miniatures, familiarise yourself with the core rules and will enable you to start building your full VOID force.

The box will include*:
● VOID – Squad Tactics rules booklet
● VOID – Quick-Start Rules
● 5x Viridian Marines (including Sergeant)
● 2x Viridian Shock Marines
● 6x Junkers Legioniers (including Sergeant and Chain Gunner)
● 1x Junkers Exo-suit
● 2x D10 dice

This box is a supplement for the VOID wargame. To use this set you will need to have access to a copy of the VOID rulebook. But don’t you worry, you can download all necessary materials for FREE from our website.

We are currently finalizing the last production details, and we hope to launch the pre-order option before Christmas. For those who will take part in the pre-order, we are preparing a wee surprise. More details will follow in the upcoming week.

*The final content may vary. Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted

VOID – Endemion Incident

—-Incoming message —
— To 4.97 Alpha —
— Procced with protocol 522-98 —
— Secondary Objective Cancelled —
— Eradicate any resistance —
— End of transmission

4.97 Alpha scanned the VASA outpost facility. The presence of Black Legion confirmed the morning status report, VASA had discovered the purposed of Syntha recent activity. His Cell, already in position, started receiving all necessary instructions. Soon, the VASA threat to Prime will be neutralized

Along the VOID Squad Tactics boxed set, there is another set that we are working on. Endemion Incident boxed set is a new two-player starter set for VOID. It will contain forces of Syntha and VASA and will be a perfect option for those who want to start playing VOID straight from the box.

More details in January 2022.


  1. Oh man I am so freaking excited for these 2 boxes. Don’t go skimping on the fluff either!
    Having a new starter set is going to be great and syntha is one of my armies of choice. Void tactics will help me get friends into the game quickly too.

  2. Really looking forward to these two sets. Now we are near end of January. When can we expect them?

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