BattleMag! Issue 2 is now available!

After a wee delay the latest issue of the BattleMag! is now available to you.

In this issue of the BattleMag! you will find rules for magic in Battle Havoc!, accompanied by a list of common spells. Our great friend Jon Shields shared handy advice about removing paint from the old miniatures. And for VOID 1.1 players, we have a list for Tactical Araktons to use in VOID 1.1 Squad Tactics games.

Command packs for 28mm miniatures

We receive a lot of questions about the availability of the commands packs for our selection of the 28mm. I’m pleased to inform you that we are currently adding them to our offer. We are still working on a new picture for the packs, so please forgive us for the current ones.

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