Shock Marines vs Brood warriors

Welcome to the Armoury Review, a new series of articles that covers VOID units. In it, you will find all the information about their background as well as Combat Records Cards (CRC). A new aid that will provide you with all the information you need to know to deploy a presented unit in your VOID 1.1 games. Please note that the CRC contain the latest updated profile for the unit.

In this first article, we focus on iconic Viridian Shock Marines and the most common enemy of the humankind – Koralon’s Broods.

Shock Marines

Shock Marines are the close combat elite of the Assault Marines. Equipped differently to their more tactical counterparts, Shock Marines are tooled up with a selection of lethal high tech equipment geared for close-in fighting. Shock Marines come with the additional protection of Negatron Shields to ensure they make it to the effective fighting range with minimal casualties. Shock Marines are a rough bunch on the whole and tend to be blessed with explosively short tempers.

Combat Records Cards


Brood are the most basic and numerous of the pure Koralon castes. In battle they are directed to swarm enemies in close combat, hacking them to bits with their incredibly hard, sharp coraline weapons. Even though they represent the lowest strain of pure Koralon thus far encountered, they are terrible foes in hand to hand fighting. Brood have low status and are immature creatures that seem to be bred for menial tasks in Koralon society.

Combat recod card



  1. Really like the new combat record cards. I’d buy faction decks if available in the future. Really like what you guys are doing. Well done.

    • Thanks, Adam, for your kind words! We try to do our best. I’m working on the next batch of cards, and I hope to make them available to download as soon as possible 🙂

  2. Wow those models look amazing, I might make some custom cards that look extra special, is there a place to show you stuff like that?

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