New releases

It’s a bit crazy time for small companies as we ours, so please forgive us for such delay. We have some exciting news for you, so let’s get cracking!

Customer service in the face of Covid-19

We still take orders and ship them as soon as we can. Our facility in Scotland still operates, although there can be delays with shipping so please give us a few extra days to fulfil your orders. 

Unfortunately, Royal Mail suspended all shipping to New Zeland and Russia, so sadly we can’t deliver your orders there.

We do monitor the whole situation and fallow all authorities regulations and recommendations as the safety of our staff and customer is most important for us. We will keep you posted about any changes with our customer service.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay safe.

Slayers are back in town!

For some, they are crazy, bloodthirsty maniacs always looking for a fight. For others, they are champions of the Old Gods that seek to fulfil the mysterious will of the Ancient ones. But I can assure of thing my comrade – you don’t want to cross their path when they are in a bad mood.

Archangels are now available form our webshop!

Archangels are forward recon troops. Archangels wear grav-wings making them very fast and mobile troops, allowing them to cover great distances in a relatively short time for infantry. They are armed with gauss rifles, and in combination with their movement abilities, this optimises them for lightning strikes on enemy positions—jumping in close, strafing the enemy, then getting out again.

What’s next for Void 1.1?

We are working on the first supplement for Void 1.1, unfortunately, due to the current world situation we have little delays, but hopefully, I will have more details and sneak peeks next time.

That’s all for this month.

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