Drakul Cavalry Knights – pt1

Experimentation with new paints is one on of the best way to learn new things. So when I saw the trio of Blue, Red and Green metallic paints, I knew that they could be used to achieve some nice looking effects.

I decided to use the Drakul Knights for this article, as the there are mostly cover with armour, which will fit perfectly for what I’m aiming to do.

All paint used in this article are from Miniature Paints range.

So without further due, let’s crack on!

1) Base coat the whole model with black primer, you can use either spray paint or MP000 – Black Primer. 2) Next, paint the entire armour area with Blue Steel. At this stage I also painted sword with Chain Mail and added gold accents using Bright Gold 3) With core colours done is time for some shading, for that purpose, I applied the Black Ink* across the whole model.

4) In the finals stage, I tidy up the flat areas of the raider with the previous base colours as and ad few highlights using just Silver5) and 6) An example of using the same technic but just replacing the Steel Blue colour with Metallic Green and Metallic Red (or maybe I should say pink :D).

* when using inks it is important to dilute them by adding water to the mix. In this case, I use a 50/50 combination of water and ink. It can take some time to learn how to use inks so don’t be daunted if the results are not perfect in first place.

So that’s the end of the Part I, stay tuned for Part II when we will focus on the mount of our rider.

As always don’t hesitate to leave a comment or suggestions as all the feedback is more than welcome.

Miniatures by EOE Orbis

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