VASA’s Black Legion

The Black Legion are VASA’s veteran shock troopers. They are equipped with the absolute best that money can buy, ordnance usually only to be found in the private security forces of the richest megacorporations. In combat they wear graviton pulse packs that allow them to make superhuman leaps, covering massive distances with a single bound. Once in close their highly effective and insanely expensive ion weaponry can be brought into play. Black Legionaries go in first as hard-hitting strike elements, or they’re used as highly mobile support for VASA security forces

Commander X

Commander X is an infamous and bloody-handed Black Legion leader. No one knows the real identity of X, but since she joined the Legion in the aftermath of a long, embarrassing campaign by Viridia against freedom fighters on the jungle world of Mekong Delta, it is presumed she is a Viridian veteran of that war. Commander X is a harsh disciplinarian and is as ruthless as any Enforcer, never taking prisoners and never giving any quarter. Wherever Commander X gets involved, diplomacy is no longer an option. She currently heads up the Midnight Eagles Strike Force, a rapid response unit of Black Legion based on Vacillus’s moon, Kothon.

Captain Zed

Captain Zed is something of an enigma, no-one knowing his provenance. What is known about him is that he fights like a demon, his face displaying little more emotion than if he were concentrating on needlepoint as he strikes in a blur of ions. Zed currently operates from a secret location on the galactic fringe, organising strike forces and militias against the Koralon.

Black Legionary Sergeant

Black Legionaries


  1. matthewpomeroy74

    these are easily some of my favorites.

  2. I’m so with you , I have com X and cap Zed with a 5 man squad with each.
    Can’t wait for every thing to go big.

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