Codename: Warmachine


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Codename: Warmachine is a massively modified prosthene, probably the most profoundly cybernetically enhanced human currently in the Syntha army. Warmachine used to be an ace grav-bike pilot with scores of confirmed kills to his name. A direct hit to the drive system of his vehicle during an assault on a rebel colony didn’t leave much of him for the surgeons to work on though and put an end to his career. With his brain already spider-webbed by SPOMM piloting software, Syntha cybertechnicians managed to save Warmachine by integrating his remains with a modified Teratosynth chassis. Warmachine has not taken well to the radical prostheses of his body though and has developed a degree of psychosis as a result. Nevertheless, Prime has him controlled with on board drug dispensers, channelling his rage and aggression into constructive mayhem for the good of the collective. In battle he is a terrible foe, spraying death left and right with his heavy grape guns.

This pack contains one metal model and includes 1 round 25mm plastic base.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This miniature should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

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