Urban War Starter set – Syntha vs VASA


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Urban War is a fast paced sci-fi skirmish game set in a brutal far-distant universe. Players build small teams of soldiers to fight in the war-torn city planet of Iskandria, the scene of countless vicious conflicts between competing factions, now also threatened by aggressive alien incursions.

Urban War is a tabletop game for two or more players. The individual model and experience based system enables a unique variety of tactical choices, as you develop your teams to suit your own personal play-style and strategies.

This set contains everything you need for two players to play a game of Urban War. The box includes:

  • 12 white metal miniatures that make up two complete, balanced forces – Syntha and VASA.

  • Urban War 48-page rulebook – including the FREE Triad Boss.

  • 2 D10 dice.

This is an ideal starter set for enthusiasts to get into the hobby.

Syntha: Faith in the Machine

No longer fully human, the Syntha see themselves as the next step in the evolution of mankind. Their society is dedicated to the advance of science and technology, and all facets of their life are guided by a massive artificial intelligence called Prime. The Syntha home planet is also called Prime, and in fact the AI and the planet are inextricably linked. The Syntha look forward to a future in which the lines between man and machine have disappeared, and vat grown humans, biomechanoids, cyborgs and robotic androsynths all play a part in the ongoing experiment that is life. To the Syntha, superiority in technology, design and functionality will inevitably lead to dominance.

Syntha Force

Quantity Type Calibre Points
1 Artemis Biomech CAL 0 36
1 MKII Tactical Teratosynth CAL 1 29
4 Androsynths CAL 0 100

VASA: Justice for All

From its icy home planet Vacillus, orbiting the dead sun Leviathan, VASA’s power reaches to the furthest extent of known space. In the distant past VASA was a purely scientific body, but now it commands the mightiest of star fleets, far surpassing those of any of its rivals. VASA controls the vital Grav-wells through which all inter#stellar traffic must pass, and through taxes and levies it funds its policing, customs and peacekeeping activities. Though viewed by most as a benign power, a hardcore of dissidents throughout the galaxy believe VASA to be overbearing and oppressive.

Viridian Force

Quantity Type Calibre Points
1 Suppressor Sergeant CAL 1 28
1 Suppressors with Gauss Rifle CAL 1 25
3 Suppressors with Gauss Rifle CAL 0 57
1 Black Legion CAL 2 56

This pack contains 12 metal models and includes appropriate plastic bases.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

These miniatures should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

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