Heroes of VAF

High-quality leadership is often a key to victory on the treacherous battlefields of Iskandria. The Viridian Armed Forcers are well-known for their charismatic leaders. Some may seem reckless, dashing, or even insubordinate. Nevertheless, adored by their subordinates, they always achieve the goals of their missions. 

Captain Lee Hammer

Captain Lee Hammer is a Special Forces officer of some renown, not all of it because of his military capabilities; he can drink most troopers under the table, and he’s been thrown out of more nightspots than he can remember. That said, on the battlefield he is the ultimate professional.

When a risky covert operation is in the offing, or an important reconnaissance mission is required, his name will usually be at the top of the list. His superiors know that his personal bravery, determination and field craft will maximize the chance of success.

Lieutenant Johnny ‘G’

Well liked by those under his command, Marine Lieutenant Johnny ‘G’ is something of a maverick. Though known for getting the job done against the odds, he also has a reputation for breaking the rules and disrespecting his superior officers, perhaps explaining his lack of further promotion. In battle he favours his trusty Combat Shotgun and always carries a ready supply of grenades.

Major Icharus Trask

Major Icharus Trask is one of the most famous Shock Marine officers ever to serve in the VAF. In his youth he was known for his aggression and utter fearlessness, being always willing to throw himself into the fray regardless of the risks. Having survived countless bloodbaths he is now no longer quite so hot headed, and has matured into an experienced and capable field commander. As a leader, he now has responsibility for the lives of others, a duty he takes very seriously. Even so, when the opportunity arises, he’s more than happy to lead a charge at the head of his beloved Shock Marines. And if the body count is anything to go by, he’s not lost his touch with the pair of Vibro Scythes that are his usual armament.

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