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We know some of the veterans already have big selection of VOID miniatures or that some of our customers would like just to get a copy of the rules. For those who would like to do so, we have prepared this little book bundle!

This set contains:

  • A 56-page A5 Void 2.0 Combat Manual rulebook
  • A 24-page A4 VOID 2.0 – The Battle for Monoceros III campaign supplement

Monoceros III is a so-called Unicorn World on the far reaches of the Outer Rim, where its abundant resources, strategic significance and unique research possibilities once made it a target for every faction of Pan-Humanic Space. The planet became a flashpoint that dragged forces from all the Homeworld powers, and even VASA, into a conflict that very nearly collapsed the Treaty of Vacillus.

The Battle for Monoceros III is a campaign setting for the VOID wargame. This book includes:

  • Background and data for the Monoceros system

  • A set of campaign rules for 2-4 sides

  • Details of the forces each power deployed to the system, and tales of their exploits in battle

For those who would also take part in our pre-order, we also have a special gift! A FREE promo miniature of Viridian Marine!

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