Tiger A.P.C.


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Tiger class battle walkers are heavy quadruped vehicles. The Tiger APC is a lumbering, heavily armoured troop carrier. It is capable of carrying up to eight soldiers in relative safety within in its well­protected passenger compartment and deploying them where they’re needed on the battlefield. It’s controlled from the head by a pilot, just behind whom sits a gunner operating the Colossus RMD­ a very, very big rotary barrelled rail gun. Although formidable in any scenario, the Tiger isn’t very manoeuvrable and can be vulnerable if attacked to the rear or flanks with close assault anti­armour weapons.

This pack contains one resin model with metal pieces.

Please note: miniature for scale purpose only and not included.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This model should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

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