Major Kali


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Kali is a competent, well-trained soldier with an impressive service record. She was born on the rimworld of Nu-Utopia, and as a teenager, she narrowly escaped with her life when Koralon forces invaded. She was successfully evacuated to a nearby VASA outpost but her parents weren’t so lucky. As a ward of VASA, she joined the marines to make herself useful and has rapidly advanced to the rank of major. VASA often sends her on do or die missions against the Koralon because they know how much she hates them. No matter what horrors she faces, Kali will keep killing Koralon.

This pack contains one metal model and includes 1 round 25mm plastic base.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

This miniature should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

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