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Junkers: The Legions of Ironglass

From Ironglass, the Junker home planet, the Senaterules the militaristic Junker Empire with brutal authority. In Junker politics and society power is everything, all elseis a means to this end. Though political alliances within the Senate may shift, and individual Senators rise and fall, the Junker Empire presents an aggressive and unit#ed face to the other major powers. The Convict Legions make up the vast bulk of the power#ful, if unsophisticated, Junker armies. Recruiting is never a problem, as the sentence for virtually any civil crime, no matter how petty, is a period of service in the Legions.

170 Series Starter Teams

This set provides you with a streamlined 170-point starter force that will give you a feel for this faction’s play style. As you become more familiar with the game and develop your own strategies you can add to this force with booster sets and blisters. Whether you’re a newcomer to the hobby or a ‘veteran’ wanting to try out a new game or faction, this is an ideal starting point.

Junkers Force

Quantity Type Calibre Points
1 Legionary Decurion CAL 1 29
1 Exo-suit Chain Gunner CAL 1 43
2 Auxilia CAL 0 20
4  Legionaries CAL 0 76

This pack contains six metal models and includes 6 round 30mm plastic bases.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

These miniatures should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

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