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Void is an exciting fast paced miniature tabletop battle system for 2 or more players. The game is set in a universe where the homeworlds of Viridia, Ironglass and Prime battle for colonies in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. VASA, the policing body of panhumanic space, tries to keep in check the ambitions of the imperialistic homeworlds. However with the emergence of the Koralon what remains to be seen is whether humanity can put aside its petty rivalry or whether mankind will become another victim of the aliens.

What is Squad Tactics?

Building a Void army can be quite a challenging and time-consuming affair, but what if you want to start playing right out of the box? This is where VOID Squad Tactics kicks in!

Squad Tactics is a supplement to the main game of Void that focuses on small skirmishes. Players each command a single squad, leading it on infiltration missions, longrange recons, patrols, or simply fighting to survive on the vast battlefields of the Draconis Alba Galaxy.

What’s in a box?

Void Squad TacticsBattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with the VOID wargame.

  • FREE copy of VOID 1.1 Rulebook (Gamebox ed.)
  • VOID Squad Tactics rulebook
  • 4 Viridian Marines
  • 1 Viridian Marine Sergeant
  • 1 Viridian Shock Marine
  • 4 Junkers Legionaries
  • 1 Junkers Decurion
  • 1 Junkers Exo-suit
  • 2 D10 dice

Junkers – Phoenix IV

Convict Legionaries are criminals forced to serve their time in penal legions, fighting the enemies of their State. In battle they are used pretty much as cannon fodder, scouting out dangerous terrain and charging in suicidal frontal assaults to soften up enemy positions. They have a miserable time of it on the whole, and low morale and poor training are real problems. Their neural spikes act as tracking devices for Enforcers, and feature a microcapacitor that can be used to summarily execute the convict if the need arises.

Exo­Suits are heavily armoured servo­frames, modified for military use. In battle these suits are piloted by skilled operators and make extremely effective close assault units. They are armed with a variety of devastating short range and close combat weapons and bristle with thermite spears to fend off larger opponents. The suits are developed from commercial lifters, and work by amplifying the motions of the wearer to give them superhuman strength.

Viridians – Saber 6

Marine Legions are the standard infantries of human colonies throughout the galaxy. They are equipped for a variety of battlefield situations, though they tend to shine when involved in firefights within the short to medium range margin. Most are professional soldiers, though a number of colonies operate national service or conscription schemes.

Shock Marines are the close combat elite of the Assault Marines. Equipped differently to their more tactical counterparts, Shock Marines are tooled up with a selection of lethal high tech equipment geared for close­in fighting. Shock Marines come with the additional protection of Negatron Shields to ensure they make it to effective fighting range with minimal casualties. Shock Marines are a rough bunch on the whole, and tend to be blessed with explosively short tempers.

FREE miniature with each VOID Squad Tactics BattleBox

For everyone who will pre-order the VOID Squad Tactics BattleBox, we have a wee gift. A free miniature of G.B. Mora.

This beauty was sculpted by very talented John Robertson. Some of you can remember John from the I-Kore times, as he is one of the original creators of the VOID. We are very happy to have John working together with us on Void!

This miniature has a special place in our hearts. Started as a little gift for the very dedicated VOID community, it was she that had sparked the reboot of VOID. We are very proud that we can now continue VOID legacy!

Already have miniatures?

No problem. You can pre-order just the booklet alone. And as thank you, you will receive one of the heroes’ miniatures for free! Visit the pre-order section to see available options!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is delivery date?

We aim to deliver all the pre-orders in mid-July 2022.

You have time to pre-order till 03.06.2022!

2) Shipping and delivery cost.

We try to minimalize the cost of shipping. Sadly a lot of those costs are beyond our control.

All parcels will be delivered by tracked service. The cost of shipping will be calculated base on your location during the checkout.

Please be aware that orders outside the UK (particularly to the EU) can be subject to local fees beyond our control. All parcels will also be “Delivered Duty Unpaid”. For a small company like us, it is a big problem. We are actively looking for EU based partner to mitigate this issue.

3) Are those miniatures cast in metal?

Yes, all miniatures are cast in metal.

These miniatures should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

4) Would be my miniatures painted?

No, all miniatures are provided unpainted.

5) Can I have this miniatures instead of…?

Unfotunelty, we can’t offer any possibility of customizing the content.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form in case you have any questions or suggestions.

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