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The Ironcraig valley rattles with the sound of battle. The savage shouts of barbaric orcs mixed with calm orders of dwarfs! The battle for Iron Skull had begun!

The orcs under the lead of Grumpstomper – a shaman of Crimson Bone orcs tribe – pour into the homeland valleys of the Ironcraig Clan. Layng waste and devastation, the Grumpstomper is seeking an ancient artefact – The Iron Skull. A powerful artefact, hidden in the vaults of Ironcraig ringhold. But the stout dwarfs don’t just sit in their stronghold on Ironcraig. Harrad Silverbeard, the thane of the clan, is mustering his army to repent the invader.

But who will triumph in this struggle? There is only one way to find out.
Choose your side and lead your army to victory!

BattleBox – Content

BattleBox will provide you with all you need to start your adventure with Battle Havoc! – Fantasy Battles.

  • 12x Dwarf Warriors
  • 3x Dwarfs crossbows
  • 1x Dwarf Champion
  • 12x Barbaric Orc Warriors
  • 3x Barbaric Orc Archers
  • 1x Barbaric Orc Shaman
  • 1x Battle Havoc! rulebook
  • 1x Counters sheet
  • 12x d6 dice
  • 6x MDF 75×50 bases

Battle Havoc! is easy to learn and play fantasy wargame where each player commands an army and lead it to victory on the battlefields. Thanks to alternative activation, all players are involved continuously in action.

Each unit represents a body of troops up to a few hundred men. Thanks to the flexible basing system, players can easily use their exiting collection of miniatures or following our basing convention.

Ironcraig Clan

Ruled by Harrad Silverbeard, dwarfs of the Ironcraig Clan are proud warriors ready to defend their homeland against any foe!

Dwarf Hero


Mountain Guards

Pack contains six metal models from 6 different designs and includes 6 square 20mm x 20mm plastic bases.

Tunnel Warriors

Pack contains six metal models from 6 different designs and includes 6 square 20mm x 20mm plastic bases.

Barbarian Orcs

From the western wilderness of Havökkia come the most savage and dreaded of all orcs. Lead by powerful shaman Grumpstomper they are on the quest to find the Iron Skull.

Barbarian Orcs Warriors

Pack contains 12 metal models from 9 different designs and includes 12 square 20mm x 20mm plastic bases.

FREE MINIATURE – Joachim Skullcrusher

Joachim looked at the hoard of orcs in front of the Ironcraig Hold. The hoard was assembling for another murderous assault.

Oi! You! Yes, you young lad. Where is my ale, huh? What do you mean, orcs got all kegs?! Well, it looks like there will be some fun after all.

For everyone who will pre-order the BattleBox, we have a wee gift. A free miniature of Joachim Skullchrusher.

This miniature will be not available in regular sales, but only on occasions like this.

Already have an army?

Many of you asked about the possibility of ordering just the booklet with updated rules. So here it is! You can now pre-order just the rules.

The printed version for the updated version of Battle Havoc! is all you need to play the game in one place. And as a thank you for pre-ordering we have a wee gift for you. A FREE champion miniature to lead your army.

When ordering please chose one miniature from the list and write it down in the comment section of your order.

  • Orc Shaman
  • Hammerer Champion
  • Goblin Champion
  • K’dillian Shaman

A separate Counter Sheet with all counters and two, two-sided rules (in inches and cm) is also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is delivery date?

We aim to deliver all the pre-order in mid/late September 2021.

You have time to pre-order till 31.08.2021 05.092021! – UPDATE– as some of you asked about extending the pre-order period.

2) Shipping and delivery cost.

We try to minimalize the cost of shipping. Sadly a lot of those costs are beyond our control.

All parcels will be delivered by tracked service. The cost of shipping will be calculated base on your location during the checkout.

Please be aware that orders outside the UK (particularly to the EU) can be subject to local fees beyond our control. All parcels will also be “Delivered Duty Unpaid”. For a small company like us, it is a big problem. We are actively looking for EU based partner to mitigate this issue.

3) Are those miniatures cast in metal?

Yes, all miniatures in the BattleBox are cast in metal.

These miniatures should be cleaned of flash lines using a sharp knife and needle file prior to painting. Some assembly may be required. This product contains lead. Not suitable for minors under 14 years.

4) Would be my miniatures painted?

No, all miniatures are provided unpainted.

5) Can I have this miniatures instead of…?

Unfotunelty, we can’t offer any possibility of customizing the BattleBox! content.

6) Are those Black Tree Desgins miniatures?

Yes, all miniature (except Joachim Skullchrusher) are Back Tree Design and are own by our friends at EOE Orbis Inc. Metal Warrior Miniatures Ltd has a license to produce said miniatures to support Battle Havoc! wargame.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact form in case you have any questions or suggestions.

Manufacturing copyright EOE Orbis. Design Copyright Dean Edwards.

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