Konrad Borislav

Konrad Borislav is a veteran Suppressor officer with experience of almost every kind of action that the VASA military is required to perform. He has served on the fleet in a customs enforcement capacity, pursued and apprehended pirates and raiders in the space lanes and planetside, performed civilian policing and riot control duties, and taken part in full-blown wartime operations. In every case he has proved to be an extremely effective and capable leader. In battle he favours brains over brawn, however when needs must he’s a pretty good shot with the pair of Gauss Pistols that are his favoured armament.


Neura is a prosthene that formerly served with Syntha military forces as a specialised sniper and assassin. Prosthenes are similar in many ways to biomechs, however unlike them, their cyber implants and upgrades are added in adulthood, in some cases years after they emerge from their ‘birthing’ vat. She is a natural with all kinds of ranged weapons, and this talent has been enhanced with sub dermal SPOMM microcircuits that carry additional targeting software, and archives on counter-surveillance techniques. As part of a joint operations scheme, she was sent by the Syntha to act as liaison with their VASA counterparts. It was while she was carrying out these duties that something happened which made her desert the Syntha cause and throw in her lot with VASA. Her new paymasters value her expertise highly, though some of her new comrades view her askance, doubting her ability to truly throw off all links with the Syntha.

Katrina Alianov

In VASA military circles Katrina Alianov, or Kali for short, is somewhat notorious. Among the other ranks she is liked and respected for her unthinking bravery and loyalty to her comrades. Officers tasked with civilian policing though, sometimes view her askance, as she has a tendency to generate a very high body count when dealing with criminal elements. On the battlefield she is an excellent squad leader, and her expertise with both ranged and close combat weapons make her a dangerous opponent.

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