Heros of Syntha

Neo Pi

In Neo-Pi the Syntha have produced a being that outclasses even the Artemis Alpha biomechs. She is their equal in stealth and speed, but surpasses them in her combat capabilities. Her improved ocular implants make her an excellent shot, and her toughened frame can absorb much heavier punishment. As if this wasn’t enough, she has a more advanced package of tactical neural processors that boost her leadership capabilities. Her usual armament is a powerful Pulse Rifle.

Codename: Warmachine

For all his enhancements and upgrades, Codename: Warmachine is unusual in that he is not actually a biomech. Despite appearances he is in fact a Prosthene, heavily modified for a close assault combat role. This came about as a result of injuries sustained in his previous military career. He used to be an ace grav-bike pilot with scores of confirmed kills to his name, but a direct hit to the drive system of his vehicle didn’t leave much of him for the military surgeons to work on.

In battle he can usually be spotted wherever the fighting is thickest, spraying death from a pair of grape guns and backed up by a Biomech Assault Cell.


Antropos is perhaps the ultimate Nyx class assassin biomech. She has the usual stealth programmes and photo-mimetic camouflage technologies, however her additional upgrades and natural skills in this field combine to make her an unparalleled covert killing machine. Though a lethal opponent on her own, on the battlefield she’s just as likely to be encountered leading a unit of her sisters.

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