Once again we have some very exciting news! We are expending our offer of 28mm fantasy miniatures of yet another line. After many years of being not available, we are bringing back the classic Lizardmen miniatures by Harlequin Miniatures*.

Our initial rerelease includes the following models

  • K`Dillian Shaman
  • Khameleon Hero
  • K’dillian Swordsmen
  • K’dillian Archers
  • Karnasaur Pyramid Guard
  • Gatagores

All miniatures come with appropriate plastic square bases and separate shield when applicable.

In the upcoming weeks, we are planning to expand our offer with more models from the Lizardmen range. Feel free to contact if you have any suggestion of what we should bring first!

Miniatures gallery

Start playing Battle Havoc! today!

*Miniatures produced under the licences form EOE Orbis Inc.


  1. Is it possible to buy 3 Catagores Models? How?

    • Unfortunately, we needed to discontinue some codes after reorganization at the beginning of this year.

      I’m not sure what are exact Black Tree’s plans for them. But I will let you know if we get them available again.

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