Building a Viridian force #1

I think it will be a bit odd to run Seb Games, develop Void and not to have a painted and ready to go army. My initial aim is to build a force of about 450pt. 😎

About two weeks ago, I started this topic on VOID Facebook page. A sort of diary to document my progress in building VOID force, but I thought that it would be useful to keep the record here.

So here is a condensed update of the work done so far!

The list:

  • 2x Squad of Marines (one already painted)
  • 1x Squad of Shock Marines
  • 1x Major Icharus Trask to lead the force
  • 1x And last but not least, Korvus.

Work done so far

First squad is ready.

Next step:

Viridian Marines and Shock Marines are now cleaned and build. Next phase is to spray them black and start painting.

But that’s for next blog entry.

One Comment:

  1. I can’t wait to see this develop, I am thinking of viridian as my first force. That art work of the shock marine that is in the book is just so great

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