Void Knights

Void Knights are near-legendary individuals who have trained in esoteric arts that allow them to perform amazing feats on the battlefield. They use a combination of strict mental disciplines that take years to learn, and a withering fitness regime to manifest their so-called Meta Powers. There are three different vocational paths open to potential knights-Fury, Spirit and Balance. Each discipline focuses a Knight’s natural abilities in a radically different way.

Knights of Fury

Knights of Fury are incredible martial artists, able to perform displays of superhuman fighting prowess and seemingly impossible feats of strength and speed. Of all the knightly orders they are the best-loved by the common soldiery.

Knights of Spirit

Knights of Spirit are powerful psychics, able to plant telepathic suggestions, predict the future and even manipulate matter with their minds. Many fear the Spirit Knights and those who have stood against them in battle recount experiencing terrible visions and past nightmares when in close proximity to them.

Knights of Balance

Knights of Balance are spies and assassins beyond compare. They are so utterly focussed and attuned to their surroundings that they can pass unseen by the most vigilant guards, and they can control their own metabolism to move at incredible speeds and perform amazing gymnastic feats. They are loners by disposition, never joining other units, and are deeply mistrusted by most of their comrades.

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