Going historical? Why not?

Lykian Marines

When I have firstly sketched the basic concepts for Battle Havoc!, I wanted to create a game to allow me to play fantasy battles, in a manner that will not require hundreds of miniatures, but still get a feel of a big battle. I wanted a system where the battle can be played on a relatively small table as well. A system that will have simple rules but that can be extended if needed.

That’ how the Battle Havoc! was born. Fast and simple. But there was also one more thing that was bouncing inside my head. You see, as many in wargaming hobby, my interest for wargames goes beyond just dwarfs and goblins. I always had an interest in history and historical wargaming. So it was a no-brainer for me that Battle Havoc! should also allow players (aka me :D) – in principle – refight the famous battles of the pass.

Another system?

Is there a need for yet another historical wargame you probably will ask? Well, yes, the market is full of rulebooks that already cover probably everything, including extensive army lists. So is my take on this?

I’m aiming to create a game that will focus on commanders and a narrative around them. Allowed players to be Alexandre The Great leading his Companions in charge against the Persian line, or Spartacus in his last stand against the Roman Legions.


So, what the plan sir? I suppose it’s sort of a question any ancient commander needed to answer at least once in their life. The first phase would be creating (our in few cases updating) few sample army list, to allow you – the dear player – to be able to play the game. Those will be used as a base point to create a core army list booklet for those who would not like phase two. Or for those who prefer to play perfectly balanced tournament-style games.

The next phase would be creating and campaign books to cover specific wars/conflicts. I know, it’s not the most liked idea by many, but I believe this is the only way to have an exciting narrative-driven game. It will also allow to go deep into the details without obscuring the main game.

That’s all for this week, I’m aiming for the first army list sometime next week so, fingers crossed!!!


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