Coming soon! – Dwarf Slayers

For some, they are crazy, bloodthirsty maniacs always looking for a fight. For others, they are champions of the Old Gods that seek to fulfil the mysterious will of the Ancient ones. But I can assure of thing my comrade – you don’t want to cross their path when they are in a bad mood.
– Jarnsson Steelbeard

As March is approaching, I think it is nice to give you all a little preview of what is coming up. Next month we are going to add a new pack of miniatures, and as you can conclude, we will focus on dwarfs.

The new pack will consist of 6 metal miniatures from 6 different designs.

And as you are here a quick reminder, the Battle Havoc! – Primer is available for FREE to download – so why don’t you give it a try?

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