First miniatures for Battle Havoc! are now available – Hooray

Great news, folks!

I’m delighted to announce that we team up with our friends from EOE Orbis Inc and we prepared dedicated packs of miniatures to support Battle Havoc!.

Thanks to this cooperation we have the first pack now available in our webshop. So take your time and explore the superb miniatures!

Disclaimer: Please note that all miniatures are produced by us under the license from EOE Orbis Inc. EOE Orbis Inc is not responsible for handling the orders or production. All orders are despatch from our facility in Scotland.

Kingdoms of Dwarves

Stubborn, short and tough – Warriors of dwarfs Clans create the backbone of every army of the under mountain kingdoms.

Check our fine selection of dwarfs warriors!

Greenskins Tribes

Vicious and brutish tribes of Orcs and Goblins spread the destruction and havoc wherever they appear. 

Check our fine selection of Orcs & Goblins warriors!

I hope you will enjoy the miniatures, and find something for yourself. We plan to bring more miniatures in the upcoming months, as well as expand our products range for other hobbies supplies such as paints, brushes, terrain or gaming mats.

Our mission is to allow you to enjoy the game of Battle Havoc! with the best products available!

That’s all for this month. We got some more goodies coming next month.

We really appreciate your feedback. Do you have a question regarding our rules or products? Or you just want to say Hi – feel free to drop us a line at or use the contact form on our website.


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