A small table and small miniatures

A bit late, but last week I manage to play a game of Battle Havoc!

We used a small table, 50×50 cm and 10mm miniatures! Armies where 69 points each. Dwarf vs Undeads.

Below is a short battle report from the game, and sorry for the quality of the pictures.

Initial Deployment

Initial Deployment

First turn

Dwarfs rapidly (can dwarfs do something rapidly?) advanced forwards to engage the undead hoard.

First blood!

Dwarfs moved way to forward and end up flanked by a mob of angry zombies.

The Grand Melee!

In this grand melee, the dwarfs lost the battle. I also bring my unit of miners too late and allowed Undeads to deal with my units one by one… a recipe for disaster 😀

At it was superb experience 😀 Big thanks to Daniel for the game. Next time I will focus more on what I’m doing instead of thinking about rules themself 😛

Happy new year, folks!!!


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