Review: Ruined Gothic Walls by Armorcast

ACC016 Ruined Gothic Walls

You can have the best-painted miniatures, but they will look rather sad and repulsive on a table with pieces of carpet as woods and books used as hills. An excellent looking terrain is what every game needs, and in this days, there is a whole universe full of different products and manufacturers to choose.

I was planning to do a review and then a small tutorial how to paint those walls, but I decided to make just one article instead. So without further due let’s get started.

Armourcast has a long-standing reputation, with a vast selection of different resin and metal models, if you don’t believe me check their website. The quality of walls is superb, and I like the number of details. The walls are straightforward and quick to paint as well.

Paints used in this tutorial:

  • Black spray primer (I used Army Painter, but any will work);
  • Bubonic Brown by GW (yes, is a bit old paint :D);
  • Sand by Docrafts Artiste;
  • Blanc by Docrafts Artiste;
  • Spice Red by Docrafts Artiste;
  • Nuln Oil wash by GW.

Step 1

ACC016 Ruined Gothic Walls

Like with any model, we need to prepare it for painting. In this case, all I needed to do was to give it a bath in warm water with a bit of soap to remove any leftovers after release agent. Next, I primed it black with standard matt black spray paint. With that done the walls were ready to paint.

Step 2

ACC016 Ruined Gothic Walls

A heavy drybrush of Bubonic Brown was used as a base colour.

Step 3

ACC016 Ruined Gothic WallsAfter the previous layer was completely dry, I then drybrush it again this time with Sand colour. Yes, the contrast is quite huge, but no worries, we will “fix” this in step 6.

Step 4

ACC016 Ruined Gothic WallsTo finish the stone I applied light layer of white (Blanc) colour, aiming mostly for edges. For many, that will be the end, but I decided to add a bit more colour to break a monotonic look of the walls.

Step 5

ACC016 Ruined Gothic WallsTo break the monotony of brownish look, I painted “roof tiles” red (Spice Red).

Step 6

ACC016 Ruined Gothic WallsIn the finals stage, I apply a coat of Nuln Oil wash to blend all the colours. And that’s all. The job is done :D.

Hope you enjoy this quick tutorial and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or suggestions, this is my first article, so all the feedback is more than welcome.


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  1. Thank you for this review and how to article Seb!

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